Disabled Lifts



Specifically designed for the vertical transport of food, drinks, documents, medical supplies etc. – these lifts are ideal for restaurants, Cafes, pubs, commercial centres, medicial practices, kitchens and even private homes. Our range of service lifts cover every requirement in the market. All lifts are manufactured to comply with European standard EN81-3:2000 and EC Machinery Regulations.

The capacities range from 5k to 250kg at with rated speeds from .2m/s to .45m/s and car sizes starting at 250mm . All lifts are supplied with a galvanised steel structure and most operate with 2 hour firerated bi-parting doors which are fitted with simple call and send push buttons on each floor. Standard cars are finished in stainless steel with a removable mid shelf, however, there are various options available to meet more rigorous health, safety and hygiene standards including heated cars and seamless hygienic cars. Automatic “hands free” doors are available to speed up the loading and unloading process.